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Does “meetless” mean that we should never meet as a team?

Nope.  Meetless is an ideal, like happiness.  It’s something you strive for, but don’t need to fully achieve to enjoy the benefits.  It simply means you choose synchronicity wisely–when it makes you more efficient.  There are a few instances (emotionally charged, tight feedback loop, extremely urgent) where this seems to be the case.  Everything else can be done asynchronously more efficiently.


Do I need to get permission from my boss before I sign the declaration?

Hell no.  If your boss doesn’t like the idea of increased productivity and well-being, you owe it to yourself to find a new boss.


How does the meetless challenge work?

Check out our how it works page.

How do I move work forward without meetings?

This isn't about eliminating meetings.  It's about replacing them with asynchronous video conversations.  We need to talk to move work forward.  It's not about talking less, it's about talking different. 

What is an asynchronous video conversation?

Just like any other conversation, we take turns, except in an asynchronous video conversation you record your turn with video.  This allows us to have productive conversation that doesn't interrupt each other's productivity.  It's the richness of talking with the flexibility of texting.  You can have asynchronous video conversations on tools like Volley.

What if all of my team members don’t sign?

That’s up to you.  If you feel good about moving forward without commitment from the laggards, by all means.


How soon can we expect results?

Old habits die hard, however, you can expect to see results within the first week.  But beware: Old habits die slowly, and they have a habit of resurrecting themselves.  Don't fall–or let others tumble–into a relapse.


Do you have other resources we can use for our team?

Check out our starter kit.  It has everything you need to successfully lead your team into meetless bliss.


This seems pretty radical.  How do I just dip my toe in the water?

Invite your team to Volley and just replace one weekly or daily meeting and see how it goes.  It’ll be immediately obvious whether this is something that will work for your team.

Who is behind this?

A collective of radicals from different companies (some mentioned) across a variety of industries who are tired of sacrificing their productivity for the sake of interruptive forms of communication.

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