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The Meetless Manifesto

This is about work and your right to do it. Meetless means meeting less to accomplish more. To think meetless is to ache to do the best work of your life. To act meetless is to pursue the changes that will make it possible. Meetless is an inspiration, an achievable ideal, a state of mind—a new word for revolution.

Therefore, we the workers...

Meaningful, fulfilling and valuable are words that describe the kind of work that led us to our chosen profession in the first place. Signing this manifesto is a way of fighting back against anything that gets in the way of it. And by extension, anything that prevents us from becoming the most productive version of ourselves.


We believe that winning means moving the most important work forward faster. To do this, we must talk without being interruptive, freed by the right technology to meet less and communicate more. The result? A future in which our work together will be more flexible, fruitful and gratifying. Therefore, we


that as of today, our team is going meetless. This is our promise to meet less—at least 50% less—to accomplish more. Gone is the insanity of trying to “fit in” work around meetings. We will no longer tolerate constant interruptions to our productivity and well-being. Furthermore, we


that from this time forward, we will only use synchronous forms (read: meetings, calls, interruptions, etc.) of communication for situations that are emotionally charged, require a tight feedback loop or involve an emergency. Any other time we need to talk to move work forward, we will use asynchronous video conversations.


Our name on this Manifesto is more than our commitment and a sign of things to come. It is our vow to seize the chance to do the best work of our lives.

Sign here:

Congratulations on your emancipation!

Check your email for next steps.

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