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Meetless by the Numbers

Like numbers? The facts are hard to deny–current communication channels are vastly inadequate. It’s time for a cool change.

  • Time spent in meetings has risen 8-10% a year since the year 2000

  • The number of meetings has increased by 13% since the COVID pandemic started with the number of attendees increasing by 13.5%

  • The average executive spends 72% of their day in meetings

  • Only 17% of executives feel meetings are a productive use of time.

  • 65% of executives say meetings stop them from finishing individual work.

  • Once interrupted, it takes on average 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on task with your previous level of focus.

  • Software developers spend only 41% of their day doing software development.

  • The average person can compose written business communication at about 19 WPM, yet can speak at 150 WPM, and can comprehend speech at 400 WPM.

  • Only 7% of communication is what is said (the actual words)–38% is how it’s said (tone of voice) and 55% is how you look while saying it (body language)

  • The average knowledge worker receives 126 emails a day

  • The average slack user sends 200 messages a week with power users sending over 1000 per day.

  • Slack users spend approx 10 hours a week writing messages on Slack

  • Useless meetings cost American businesses $399 Billion a year.

  • Meetings magically expand or contract the time they are given (Parkinson’s Law)

  • Across all languages and cultures, there is a universal gap of only 200 milliseconds between turns in a conversation. Waiting 600 milliseconds before responding in a conversation signals an awkward pause. Because of this, we build our response during our partner’s turn and arent fully listening.

  • Any time we can wait at least 3 seconds (what would be a really awkward pause) before taking our turn in a conversation, our responses dramatically improve.

If these stats don’t make you want to immediately sign the declaration, please send us a fax or carrier pigeon to tell us why. See what we did there? :)

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